Bear Lodge Murphy Bed

Hickory Murphy bed shown open with natural finish

With this Murphy bed you will feel like you are sleeping in a chalet in the mountains. Made from rustic hickory with bark left on, it is warm and relaxed. You ll be ready for another day of adventure.

Bed Size:

  • 69"w x 20"d x 88"h

Left and Right Tower Size:

  • 21"w x 16"d x 76"h

About the Builder:

The rustic look of Hilltop Hickory furniture adds a unique charm to many decorating styles. Hilltop Hickory craftsmen draw on skills passed down from their ancestors, along with a true understanding of the natural qualities of hickory, to bring out its beautiful grain patterns and create heirloom-quality furniture that transports its owners to a simpler, more relaxing time before computers, cell phones and rush hour traffic.

Regular price $5,305.00